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The Defection of Syed Mashhor

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The Defection of Syed Mashhor

Syed Mashhor

Syed Mashhor was a famous Malay fighter of that time. The name ‘Syed’ denotes part-Arab blood and a descendant of the Prophet Mohammad. Syed Mashhor was born in Pontianak in Borneo, but at the time he and his brother, Abdullah, had settled in Langat He was initially under Tengku Kudin's command, and was ordered to go to Kuala Selangor to aid Raja Muda Musa in the defence of Kuala Selangor. When he was there, he received news that his brother was killed by Raja Yaakob, a son of the Sultan and full brother of Raja Arfah. Although Tengku Kudin was not likely to be involved in the killing, Syed Mashhor nevertheless blamed him and abandoned the defence of Kuala Selangor. From then onwards, he was to remain a bitter and powerful enemy of Tengku Kudin's forces, and will feature prominently in the subsequent episodes of the Selangor Civil War.


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