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Problems with pop-up banners?

We would like to apologise for the pop-up banners. Until we can support ourselves with our own site, we hope you will bear with us. The best way to deal with them is to ignore them, if you close the banners, they will pop-up again when you click on another page.

View Chinese Characters!

System Browser Action
Windows 95/98
Windows NT
Internet Explorer 4 - click View in browser and choose Simplified Chinese (GB2312) or Traditional Chinese (Big5) from Fonts, or
- download Chinese (Simplified) Language Support or Chinese (Traditional) Language Support from windowsupdate.
Windows 95/98
Windows NT
Internet Explorer 5 - click View in browser and choose Chinese Simplified (GB2312) or Chinese Traditional (Big5) from Encoding.
Windows 95/98
Windows NT
Internet Explorer
- download one of these utilities:
Union Way
, NanJi Star, Rich Win, Twin Bridge.
Mac OS Netscape/ 
Internet Explorer
- install Chinese Language Kit.

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The History of Yap Ah Loy
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