The History of Yap Ah Loy

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Before Malaya
Humble Beginnings
The First Traders in KL
Yap Ah Loy becomes Kapitan Cina of KL
The Selangor Civil War
Rebuilding Kuala Lumpur
Yap Ah Loy's Administration
Yap Ah Loy's Death

A Man and His City!

The history of early Kuala Lumpur is inseparable from Yap Ah Loy's history. As it is mainly due to Yap Ah Loy's industry that Kuala Lumpur rose from the ashes of civil war and numerous natural calamities, to become a thriving commercial centre in Selangor and "the leading town in the Malay states."

Below is a brief introduction to Yap Ah Loy and Kuala Lumpur's history. 

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Before Malaya

The Qing Dynasty was already in its decline......the Taiping uprising left few families unscathed......Yap Ah Loy left for Malaya from Macao with 80 bronze coins.

Humble Beginnings

He walked to Lukut.....found work.....started a small business.....joined Shin Kap in Sungei defeated and escaped.....became Kapitan Cina of Sungei Ujong.

First Traders in Kuala Lumpur

Raja Abdullah sent 87 miners to Ampang.....Hiu Siew and Yap Ah Sze set up a shop at Kuala Lumpur.....Hiu Siew became the first Kapitan Cina of Kuala Lumpur.

Yap Ah Loy becomes Kapitan Cina of Kuala Lumpur

Yap Ah Loy joined Liu Ngim Kong in Kuala married.....Liu Ngim Kong died.....Yap Ah Loy became Kapitan Cina of Kuala Lumpur.

The Selangor Civil War

Yap Ah Loy defended Kuala Lumpur against attackers.....twice successful but lost the third time.....recaptured Kuala Lumpur.

Rebuilding Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur laid in waste.....struggled from 1873 till 1879.....tin prices doubled.

Yap Ah Loy's Administration

Had a reputation for thoroughness with criminals.....only 6 policemen in Kuala Lumpur.....a barrel full of water ready at all times.....tracks are preserved to this day.....Tapioca Flour Mill.....first Chinese school.

Yap Ah Loy's Death

Bronchitis and an abcess of the left lung.....rejected use of Western medicine..... 48 years old.....the wish of his heart was to return to China.


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The History of Yap Ah Loy
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