Raja Mahdi is ousted from Klang

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Raja Mahdi is ousted from Klang.

After winning Klang, Raja Mahdi disctontinued the $500 per month tribute to Sultan Abdul Samad, much to the Sultan's displeasure. He had also rescinded his promise of giving Dato Dagang the control of the whole of the interior. In addition, like Raja Abdullah, he refused to pay blood money when one of his brothers killed one of Dato Dagang's followers. Sultan Abdul Samad's youngest daughter, Raja Arfah, was supposed to be wedded to Raja Mahdi, but the wedding was cancelled when Raja Mahdi's tributes stopped. Instead, Raja Arfah was wedded to the younger brother of the Kedah Sultan, Tengku Kudin, who was later appointed as the Viceroy of Selangor. Meanwhile, Raja Abdullah had died in exile in Ketapang, leaving his son, Raja Ismail, the task of regaining Klang from Raja Mahdi. Raja Ismail borrowed money from a Malaccan Chinese merchant and began recruiting men in Malacca. By July 1869, Raja Ismail sailed for Klang with his force, and reached Klang's river mouth at dusk. Under the cover of darkness, they took one of Raja Mahdi's fort with little trouble.

The Batu Bahara Malays in the stockade at the opposite bank of Klang River then surrendered to Raja Ismail, as they had grievances against Raja Mahdi. Two months later, Tengku Kudin arrived from Kedah with 500 of his fellow-countrymen, and joined Raja Ismail in the seige of Klang.

The siege lasted until March 1870. Before Klang was overrun by Raja Ismail and his allies, Raja Mahdi fled to Sungei Buloh, which belonged to Raja Ali of Jeram. Having lost his revenue with the loss of Klang, Raja Mahdi obtained the support of Raja Ali of Jeram and Raja Hitam of Bernam, and attacked the fort at Kuala Selangor. Raja Muda Musa was defeated, and was allowed to leave Kuala Selangor.


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