The Selangor Civil War

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The Death of Sultan Muhammad
Raja Mahdi regains Klang
Raja Mahdi is ousted from Klang
The Death of Yap Ah Sze
The Defection of Syed Mashhor
The Battle of Ampang
The Battle of Rawang
The Fall of Kuala Lumpur
The Recapture of Kuala Lumpur

The Selangor Civil War (1866-1873)

After the death of Sultan Muhammad in 1857, Selangor slowly slided into chaos. The Selangor Civil War began in Klang in 1867, and spreaded to the whole of Selangor, including Kuala Lumpur. Initially, it was a struggle for control of the tax revenues from the trade goods up and down the rivers of Selangor, then it became a war over the direct control of the state's tin mines. By then, the fighting was concentrated in the areas around Kuala Lumpur. The victor of Kuala Lumpur would be ensured of dominance over the rest of the state.


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